Our Story

Bringing you boutiques from all around the world, one city at a time, and their specialties and sneaker companies that can help you to increase your skills and sneaker hobbies.

Helping to bring the community together through sneakers, Traveling Kicks gives you the insight into the sneaker world in a light that you've never seen before.

Check us out every day (Sunday through Saturday) 4pm to 6pm (PST) on Las Vegas Radio Newspaper.

It's a way of Life

I love sneakers as much as the next sneaker head. I've been collecting and embracing the sneaker community since I was 14 years old. My first sneakers in my collection were the Bred & Celtic 1's package, and from there the rest became history. There's something about sneakers that are just so fascinating. The designs, the collections, the brands, the history, the community, I just love it all.

I love how so many people are into sneakers as much as I am and some even more! I just hope that my show lives up to a sneakerheads guide and reputation!