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Traveling Kicks

Traveling Kicks is a sneaker heads world! Visiting the world of sneakers from the hottest trends to the up and coming. Shedding light on new brands that you should be on the look out for and giving you the history of the ones you already do. Here we're about more than just fashion, we're about facts. And the facts are sneakers are everywhere! Tune in as we travel all over exploring boutiques, shops, and talking with people into sneakers.

Bringing you more than just sneakers we take you into the world of professions. Sneakerheads are more than the kids lined up outside of Footlocker; It's a culture. And you will find people into sneakers all over. As you grow you find your passions that will drive you to succeed in life while you look fresh. We're bringing you different careers, and showing you hacks on how you can get into them. Taking you to the conventions and talking to those who can help you get into the doors.

Helping to bring the community together through sneakers, Traveling Kicks gives you the insight into the sneaker world in a light that you've never seen before.

Check us out every day! 4pm - 6pm on Las Vegas Radio Newspaper