Happy Birthday (Well Belated) To Traveling Kicks

Brooooo! It’s been brought to my attention that we are one years old now. Lol June 24, 2017 Traveling Kicks officially was born, and now on July 29 I am just realizing that. Hahaha. I know I know, I’m a little slow. I just been working so hard getting my DJing going and trying to tie everything together. Man, this stuff’s no joke! But I want to thank everyone for their support thus far in Traveling Kicks. It’s been one hell of a year with a crazy bumping road.

As those who have followed since the beginning know that we’re big on history. We started off highlighting shoes that were pointed out in movies and on screen projects. Quiet as it’s kept sneakers get their 5 sec. of fame too. And it’s a fun hobby for us to be able to point out those seconds because, it’s honestly fun. Why not watch a movie and try to guess the shoes the characters are wearing? Lol We also like to tell the history of the shoes and the brands, give the transformations of shoes that have been remade over the years, we love the sneaker community and we want to embrace it all. Knowledge, Interest, Designs, Collections, History, that’s what Traveling Kicks is about.

At WWD Magic Loud Mouth Sneakers (Family Set)

Hey, did you know that Nevada has over 3,000 registered and 3,000 unregistered homeless teens? That’s ridiculous right. And it’s crazy to think what have they gone through, seen, felt at that young of an age. Our project that Traveling Kicks has started “Kicks For Kids” wants to be able to reach out to these young teens. In just our first year we have partnered with 2 non-profit organizations that we have donated and our donating to, that does a lot to help these kids in a major way. Our first organization to work with was NPHY. And man, was that an awesome experience.

With Rico of NPHY while donating some sneakers

They were so welcoming and encouraging of what we were wanting to do. I definitely want to give a shout out to Rico for being the man to give us that shot. They got our first ever donations; and was even able to get some brand new clothes and sneakers from Anaheim Sports wear. Within our first donation, we found out that they were helping a student in need of some soccer cleats. When I got to a pair, I

The Socialite DJ Travels with Us As She DJ’s for NPHY’s Christmas Wrap Party

cleaned them up, brought them back to life, and the kid got to play year for his Highschool. And for their Christmas Wrap Party, they even welcomed me with DJing. It was so much fun, and a great environment to see that so many people and other organizations coming together to help!  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to DJ for their bowling party, but I’m hoping to have it all squared away for the future. It’s always great to see the positivity when you know all these kids get is the negative. They see it happening all around them, school, streets, TV, phones, and home.

We’re just trying to do our small part in helping in an area that is often overlooked or not properly attended to when dealing with kids. A pair of sneakers is cool always and needed, but a fresh pair of kicks that these kids can rock around their friends, and feel happy wearing, that’s everything! And that’s our mission. We restore sneakers to be in as like new condition

and only then do we hand them over. We have been so lucky to work with a great non-profit like NPHY in our first year. That was such an amazing accomplishment and experience. It was so great working with them, and can’t wait to see what they do next, I know it will be grand! And going into this new year we have also partnered with Project 150! We are so excited to be working with them. Getting a little more hands on for the scenes will be amazing! I’m excited to be working with these groups and have already gathered so many sneakers and clothes for us to donate.

Traveling Kicks covers Capital in Town Square, Las Vegas

We’ve covered a couple local boutiques. The first was Capital, a cool boutique in Town Square. It’s funny because at first they weren’t wanting to do the show. But after talking with Mr. Black Tie they were into doing the show. So we got to do the interview and it was a hit! Over 25,000 view

Traveling Kicks covers Clicks in Town Square, Las Vegas

s. I’d say that’s a huge success for our first go. Then we got to talk to Clicks.

Their also in Town Square but this store specializes in Adidas. Come to think of it they didn’t want to do the show at first either… I hope that this year we get a better response. I think I’ve gone to almost every boutique here in

At WWD Magic covering Cofi Leathers

Vegas and was told no. Maybe not in that form but we know how these stores do it. But it’s okay because this is a new year for us and we will not be holding back. I mean heck if we can get into places like Magic and get to cover some of the hottest up and coming brands, and grab advice from brands that have been doing this since before I was born, than I know that I can get a few of these boutiques to want to be on the show. I’m just saying guys.

Not going to lie we had a fantastic year however we did have a few hick ups in the road. In the beginning we almost didn’t even take off. Originally we were looking to do something with young artists with a non-profit organization Outreach Vocal. We were still going to work with NPHY and other organizations but Outreach Vocal reached out first. As I designed their website he (Lott) approached me with representation. Unfortunately I didn’t want to wait to start helping. I wanted to jump right in with it, I knew this idea would work and didn’t want to wait. I feel that if I waited I would still be waiting, and for what! I’ve worked with non-profits not only donated sneakers but also got clothes all new for them. We helped a student play soccer for their senior year, and we can’t fail to mention getting sneaker cleaner EB Kicks as a sponsor! I still can’t believe that’s happening! I really can’t wait to see what we come up with. Eilene has been so great and open with Traveling Kicks.

I really feel like this year for Traveling Kicks will be great. Magic is coming up this week, oh and WINS wants to sponsor us as well. We’ve traveled over waters! Stay tuned for what we will be having for you guys coming up. Like we said Magic is this week and I definitely hope to have something come out of it. We’re Traveling Kicks and it’s about time that we kicked it!

Written By: The Socialite DJ

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